Consulate General of Lebanon in Montreal


Transportation of Personal Belongings


· Transportation of furniture and personal belongings

· Transportation of cars

· Transportation of a domestic animal




Transportation of furniture and personal belongings                                                                        (Application Form)


If a Lebanese citizen wishes to return to Lebanon for good and wants to ship his furniture and personal belongings without paying the Lebanese Customs fees, he/she must come to the Consulate General with the following documents:



           - Detailed list (furniture, belongings) legalized by the Municipality or the City Hall. The list is valid for three moths only

           - Certificate of Residence issued by the City-Hall or a solemn declaration confirming the residence in Canada for more than three years

           - The Lebanese  or Canadian passport that will be used for traveling to Lebanon

           - New Lebanese I.D. or civil status act issued after 1993 (Ikhraj kayd)

           -  Citizenship card or permanent resident card


The applicant must be personally present in Lebanon to receive his/her belongings.


           Fees: (payable cash)

                      - 30.00 $


           Processing time:  2 working days.





Transportation of cars


To ship a car to Lebanon, it has to be less than 8 years old.  There is no exemption from Customs fees.  No documents needed from the Consulate General.




Transportation of a domestic animal



To travel with a domestic animal, the applicant must present a certificate from the veterinary, confirming that all the vaccinations are up to date and that the animal is in good health. No documents needed from the Consulate General.