Consulate General of Lebanon in Montreal

Consulate General’s Activities

· Candlelight vigil at the consulate in support of the Lebanese Army and Security Forces on August, 12, 2014 (Photos...)

Under the slogan:  “Wherever we might be, we support our army”, the Consul General of Lebanon Mr. Fadi Ziadeh invited the members of the Lebanese community in Montreal to sign their flag and take the “Emigrant’s oath”, in a symbolic gesture of support and solidarity towards the Lebanese Army and Security forces, in the Candlelight vigil that took place at the consulate on August, 12, 2014 at 7.30 p.m.


More than 300 people gathered around the Consul General headed by Lebanese religious leaders who handed the Consul General a document they signed, confirming their support to the Lebanese Armed Forces.


The representatives of all Lebanese political parties and cultural and social associations took part in the gathering.


The marking point of this gathering was the “Emigrant’s oath” created by Mr. Fadi Ziadeh for the occasion, and all attendees repeated after the Consul General the affirmation of their attachment to the Lebanese identity and roots.



· 70th anniversary of the Independence of Lebanon (Photos...)

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Lebanese Independence, the Consulate General of Lebanon in Montreal organized a reception on Tuesday the 19th of November 2013, in the Town hall of Mount-Royal.

Traditional “Dabkeh” dances of the “Layalina dance group” as well as patriotic songs enhanced the end of this lovely ceremony of Independence sung by the Lebanese artist Mr. Nicolas Osta.

Amongst the cultural events organized around the celebrations of the 70th anniversary, and in order to sensitize our youngsters to the true meaning of Independence, a drawing contest about Lebanon was held at the Consulate General (see photos) and a brochure was designed especially for the occasion detailing the different stages of Lebanon’s Independence, then distributed to all the Arabic reaching schools in Montreal (see brochure).


· Drawing contest organized by the Consulate General of Lebanon (Photos...)


 On Sunday November 10, 2013, the Consulate General of Lebanon opened its doors as well as its heart to welcome in its premises 25 young artists, enthusiastic to “Paint Their Lebanon”.


Within the framework of the cultural events surrounding the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Lebanese Independence, the Consulate General of Lebanon, in a first initiative of its kind, organized a painting contest open to Lebanese students from all the Arabic language schools in Montreal, aged between 9 and 15, with the topic: “MY Lebanon… I will draw it!”…


The main objective of this contest was to bring those youngsters closer to the Consulate general that represents their country of origin in the province of Quebec, by inviting them to express with their brushes and coloring pencils, their feelings towards Lebanon. 


The children showed a contagious excitement while taking by storm their Consulate in an innocent and genuine way proper to their youth!


The objective was achieved: our artists, who simply felt home in their Consulate, were inspired by drawing under the Lebanese Flag on Lebanese territory,  surrounded by the team of the Consulate, the representatives of the schools and the four members of the jury: professional painters who gave them some valuable guidance!


Although ALL the children deserved congratulations, only the first three were chosen. They won the following prices:


1st price:    Laptop offered by Genatec

to Maria Madi, 9, St-Maron School;

2nd price:   2 tickets for a hockey game offered by Inspec Sol

to Ryan El-Haddad, 13, St-Ephrem School;

3rd price:   a 250$ gift-certificate  offered by Inspec Sol

                      to Issam Fadlallah, 11,  Imam Al-Sadeq School


Hachem group took part in the realization of this project by offering the material, as well as the members of the jury who, besides their invaluable time, offered gift-certificates for painting material to five other contestants, whose drawings deserved to be encouraged with a special mention: Wassim (11) and Amir (15) Choghri , Alain Moutran, 9 (St-Sauveur School), Hassan Muslemani, 12 (Ajyal School),  Caren Naccour (13).


 The photographs of this event can be viewed on the following link: photos.


· Reception in honour of Arabic language teachers in Montreal  (Photos...)


The Consul General of Lebanon Mr. Fadi Ziadeh and his wife, organized on Thursday June 20, 2013, a reception to honor the teachers of Arabic language in Montreal.

70 guests attended the reception, representing the following institutions and schools that offer this extremely important service to the Community’s children:

Académie culturelle de Laval



Cathédrale St-Maron

Cathédrale St-Sauveur

Centre culturel de la Mosquée Al-Ommah Al-Islamiah

Église St-Antoine

Imam Al-Sadeq du Centre islamique Libanais

Paroisse St-Ephrem

The main purpose of this 1st initiative is to express all the appreciation towards the colossal job of the teachers and the great efforts each and every one of them is making to keep the mother tong alive amongst the new generations.